Don’t get angry when your child misbehaves-learn from it

Consider the Antecedents to a misbehavior.  Did the child sleep less last night?  Did you try to run one more errand after picking up a tired child from daycare?  Did the playdate last too long?  Many misbehaviors are preventable!

Consider the Behavior.  Does the child know that it hurts the dog to poke its eye? Or does she need an explanation of how to gently touch. I believe that everyone deserves and explanation before or instead of a scolding.

Consider the Consequences.  If you sometimes say he may not have a sweet before dinner and sometimes you give in, then you accidentally communicate to the child that you might be persuaded to give in.  Be consistent.

Key idea: Make every misbehavior an opportunity for learning for you and teaching for your child.


Melody Matthews Lowman, M.A. has a background in both psychology and education. Her biopsychosocial approach allows her to be a resource for behavioral and educational problem solving for children, teens and adults.
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