“Sort of…”

“Sort of” using a behavioral change plan to help your child develop good habits is “sort of” like being on a diet.  And it works about as well.

Once you commit to helping your child learn a good habit you need to help the child by being clear what you want him to do, be consistent and be positive when he does what you want him to do.

Children do not tend to develop good habits from being punished for a bad habit.  Show your child what you want.  Find out what is getting in the way of the child using the new habit. Give positive feedback as the child attempts the new habit.  Focus on changing one habit at a time.  If you try to change several things at once, it is unlikely that any of the habits will be learned.

About melodymlowmanma@gmail.com

Melody Matthews Lowman, M.A. has a background in both psychology and education. Her biopsychosocial approach allows her to be a resource for behavioral and educational problem solving for children, teens and adults.
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